This resort is small-scale and therefore fits perfectly with your holiday to Bonaire. The resort is located near Bachelors Beach, a well-known local beach where you can snorkel and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The location makes it ideal for kiters, surfers and divers. There are plenty of dining options within easy reach such as Windsock the Beach, Ocean Oasis, Brass Boer and Boudoir.

Below you can see what you can expect from Villa Carina:

  • Small-scale resort with 4 spacious rooms

  • Private lockers for diving-, windsurfing-, kitesurfing equipment

  • Fully equipped private outdoor kitchen

  • Spacious private porch

  • BBQ spot

  • Magnesium pool

  • Private parking (car and scooter)

  • Rinse bins

  • Children from 18 years

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Villa Carina Apartments BV

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