The southwestern coast of Bonaire is punctuated by slave huts and glittering white mountains of salt that are in contrast to the otherwise flat landscape. Salt is one of the largest exports from the island, and these mountains are the result of solar purification. They also sit next to one of the largest flamingo sanctuaries in the Western Hemisphere, unmistakable by the pink water (caused by the algae that also gives flamingos their cotton-candy hue).


Bachelors Beach, The Lake, Hilma Hooker, Angel City, Alice in Wonderland, Aquarius, Larry’s Lair, Jeannies Glory, Salt Pier, Salt City, Invisibles, Tori’s Reef, Pink Beach, White Slave, Margate Bay, Red Beril, Atlantis, Vista Blue, Sweet Dreams, Red Slave.

The water is clear, warm (30º Celsius) and full of colorful sponges and reef fish. Most people dive mainly along the sheltered West Coast of the island as the dive sites are the easiest accessible and often without any current. Sea turtles are often seen as well as Muray eels, Parrotfish, Trumpet fish, Snappers and Trunkfish. Colorful sponges and different types of corals cover the bottom of most of the dive sites around here.

$250/per person

  • Private Adventure
  • Tanks & gear included
  • Snack & soft drinks
What is included in the tour
  • 2 dives on the North Coast
  • Private Guide
  • Snacks & Soft drinks.
  • Accommodation pick up and drop.
  • Special Truck Amenities.
What makes this tour special
  • The crystal clear waters of the North Coast, healthy reefs, breathtaking underwater scenery.
  • Well equipped safety gears and instructions provided to divers for a comfortable experience
  • Panoramic road trip.

“What makes it most special though is the welcoming friendliness of the staff. They take their job very serious and take extra time showing or explaining things and upcoming questions. Or just to have a little chat after an exiting day of diving.

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Mark Lee

“We’ve just completed our PADI Wreck Diving course with them. Exceptional instructors and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Safety is a very high priority and the whole experience from planning our dives to talking them through afterwards was great. Highly recommended!”

Robert Smith

“It has been our third dive trip to Bonaire, we were looking to do something different and explore new dive sites, especially those that are not marked on the official map. It was a success! I will never forget our Playa Frans dive, it was magical.”

Pam Carter

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