Bonaire is the second-largest island in the Dutch Caribbean. While the fringing coral reefs all around Bonaire have suffered in recent decades from storms and bleaching events, Bonaire’s coral reefs remain among the healthiest and the most spectacular in the Caribbean. With its shallow reefs, its calm and warm waters, its exceptional marine biodiversity and its dozens of snorkeling spots just steps from the shore, Bonaire offers some of the world’s best snorkeling.


Tori’s Reef, Windsock, Corporal Meiss, Te Amo Beach, Bari Reef, Something Special, The Lake, Salt Pier.

Bonaire concentrate one of the greatest underwater biodiversity in the Caribbean. It is home to over 55 species of soft and hard corals, and more than 350 fish species. Hawksbill, loggerhead and green sea turtles are common on many snorkeling spots around the island. For these reasons, Bonaire has a long tradition of protecting its natural environment. Bonaire National Marine Park, established in 1979 (turtles are protected since 1961 and spearfishing was banned in 1971), covers all fringing reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire islands. All visitors of the Marine Park must purchase a “nature tag” as admission to help in the preservation of Bonaire reefs.

$199 /per person
  • Private Adventure
  • Tanks included
  • Snacks & drinks
What is included in the tour
  • 2 snorkeling sites on the South Coast
  • Private Guide
  • Snacks & soft drinks
  • Accommodation pick up and drop
  • Special Truck Amenities.
What makes this tour special
  • The crystal clear waters of the South Coast, healthy reefs, breathtaking underwater scenery.
  • Panoramic road trip.
  • Special dive truck with extra amenities

“What makes it most special though is the welcoming friendliness of the staff. They take their job very serious and take extra time showing or explaining things and upcoming questions. Or just to have a little chat after an exiting day of diving.

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Mark Lee

“We’ve just completed our PADI Wreck Diving course with them. Exceptional instructors and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Safety is a very high priority and the whole experience from planning our dives to talking them through afterwards was great. Highly recommended!”

Robert Smith

“It has been our third dive trip to Bonaire, we were looking to do something different and explore new dive sites, especially those that are not marked on the official map. It was a success! I will never forget our Playa Frans dive, it was magical.”

Pam Carter

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