A few days after full moon a phenomena happens underwater in the Caribbean Sea; Underwater fireworks by tiny creatures called Ostracods! You can watch this magical show every month on Bonaire but you need to be ready to dive in complete darkness (without a dive light). It can be the most romantic dive ever but you need to plan it the right way, at the right time and at the right spot. This is something every diver should experience ones in his life.

Ostracods are tiny creatures living in fresh and salt (marine) water. They belong to the Crustacea (lobsters, shrimps and crabs) and there are Seed shrimps. They are only a few millimeters long and they swim to shallower water for mating, they glow to attract a partner. The magical mating show happens only a few days after full moon. Two to five days after full moon you are able to see the Ostracods with your bare eyes underwater. Don’t miss your chance, book now!

FEATURES SITES, Best Night Dive Ever!

The Lake, Salt Pier, Oil Slick.


Fluorescent night diving is absolutely stunning! Really something you should try once in your lifetime. Imagine yourself diving in a psychedelic rave party underwater. Searching for fluorescent critters and mind-blowing corals! UV night diving is a new style of night diving and it is becoming increasingly popular around the world. More and more dive centers start offering these psychedelic dives but mind you: Not all locations are really suitable because not all marine life reacts to this special light.

If you have never done a normal night dive before I would recommend you to do this first, especially if you are a bit anxious or less experienced. The blue light does not give the same brightness as a normal white light so you will see less of what is happening around you. Here on Bonaire the tarpons (fish who can grow over 2 meters) like to hunt in your dive light. Be prepared for a huge fish up-close at a certain point during your dive.

All-inclusive package

$160 pp

  • Guided Night Dive
  • Tank, full gear & flashlight
  • Snacks & soft drinks
What is included
  • 1 Guided Night Dive
  • Premium Truck
  • Snacks & soft drinks
What makes this dive special
  • Fluorescent night diving is absolutely stunning!
  • This is something every diver should experience ones in his life.

“What makes it most special though is the welcoming friendliness of the staff. They take their job very serious and take extra time showing or explaining things and upcoming questions. Or just to have a little chat after an exiting day of diving.

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Mark Lee

“We’ve just completed our PADI Wreck Diving course with them. Exceptional instructors and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Safety is a very high priority and the whole experience from planning our dives to talking them through afterwards was great. Highly recommended!”

Robert Smith

“It has been our third dive trip to Bonaire, we were looking to do something different and explore new dive sites, especially those that are not marked on the official map. It was a success! I will never forget our Playa Frans dive, it was magical.”

Pam Carter

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