Our House Reef in Diver's Paradise

From our facilities we have private access to our House Reef, the entrance is just 50 m. away from the dive shop.

Our House Reef is full of healthy coral and aquatic life. The drop off is only a minute swimming from the shore, barely 20 m. from the pier. The reef begins at – 5 m. deep and the bottom is – 45 m. Current and visibility conditions are always optimal.
To the south, you will be surrounding the facilities of the desalination plant, there is a shipwreck there. Coopers Barge lies right in front of WEB. The wreck is barely covered and right-angled to the reef. It can be found halfway between the two major chains in front of the Water Factory. Coopers Barge was a tug boat, used for the transportation of drinking water from Curacao. The ship sank in 1972. Coopers Barge is the perfect place to teach the PADI Wreck Diver and Deep Diver specialty courses.

To the north, is the healthiest area of the reef, is full of life and the landscape is spectacular. In the shallow waters there is a large unidentified metal structure, covered in coral and juvenile fish, which is a great incentive for participants of the Discover Scuba Diving activity. If you maintain a depth less than 10 m, it is possible to reach Small Wall in 40 min. On the way there is also a large anchor and a huge chain that serves as a perfect orientation reference, to return to the entry / exit point.

Puerto Blanco

Our House Reef have everything you want and need to make your shore diving experience safe & comfortable!

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House Reef Activities

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Diving Courses

Puerto Blanco meets the perfect conditions for diving training. Our House Reef with calm and pristine waters is an ideal place for all levels.

Guided Dives

From our House Reef, you can visit three different dive sites. The Coopers Barge Wreck, The Cliff, and even the popular Small Wall. Puerto Blanco is a very special place, full of life and healthy coral.

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Guided Snorkeling

The easy entry and the beauty of the shallow area make our House Reef a fantastic place for snorkeling. Ask for a guide to make the most of your visit.

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Adventures & Tours

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“What makes it most special though is the welcoming friendliness of the staff. They take their job very serious and take extra time showing or explaining things and upcoming questions. Or just to have a little chat after an exiting day of diving.

Thanks a lot for this amazing experience!”

Mark Lee

“We’ve just completed our PADI Wreck Diving course with them. Exceptional instructors and all of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Safety is a very high priority and the whole experience from planning our dives to talking them through afterwards was great. Highly recommended!

Robert Smith

“It has been our third dive trip to Bonaire, we were looking to do something different and explore new dive sites, especially those that are not marked on the official map. It was a success! I will never forget our Playa Frans dive, it was magical.”

Pam Carter